Caves in China. Exploring the heavily lighted caves in Guilin. A Skyrim Adventure in Reed Flute Cave

It is interesting to see caves but it is even more spectacular to see the caves all lit up with colorful lights. It is kind of like going to disneyland but instead of seeing plaster and plastic, you see blue, red, green, rocks and not to mention the multiple signs giving you life advice. It is the exact opposite of Modoc National Park in California, it is all lit up with wide stairways and lights to guide the bumbling tourist through the cave. Modoc on the other hand is barren, rough, cold, dark and naturally beautiful.  Honestly I enjoyed all  the lights and the ease of strolling through the Guilin Cave.

For those who want to know the difference between stalagmites and stalactites, here is what I found on Google:

The water dripping from the end of a stalactite falls to the floor of a cave and deposits more calcite into a mound. Soon enough, a stalagmite will form in a cone-like shape. This is why you usually find stalactites and stalagmites in pairs, and sometimes they’ll even grow together to form one big column.


DSCF0357DSCF0358DSCF0359DSCF0361DSCF0362DSCF0367DSCF0368DSCF0369DSCF0371DSCF0379DSCF0382DSCF0384DSCF0385DSCF0386DSCF0387DSCF0390DSCF0391DSCF0393DSCF0395DSCF0401DSCF0403DSCF0405DSCF0406DSCF0407DSCF0408DSCF0411DSCF0412DSCF0413DSCF0415DSCF0416DSCF0419DSCF0420DSCF0421DSCF0423DSCF0425DSCF0427DSCF0428DSCF0430DSCF0432DSCF0433Version 2DSCF0434DSCF0435DSCF0436DSCF0439DSCF0444Version 2DSCF0445DSCF0446DSCF0448DSCF0449DSCF0452DSCF0453DSCF0454DSCF0455DSCF0456DSCF0458DSCF0460DSCF0472

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