Lingshan Photographs Jiangxi Province

These are a few pictures from Lingshan, it only took an unfortunate sunburn and going around an entire mountain. Not that it was hard on the contrary the newly built path drilled into the mountain made it a breeze. All it needed was an escalator to get up the steps after the gondola ride. Not to worry there is always a cafe for your caffeine hiking needs. Finally there are signs to give life advice when navigating the circumference of the mountain.


DSCF0543DSCF0549 (1)

Life advice from a sign.

DSCF0555DSCF0567DSCF0573DSCF0574DSCF0575DSCF0577DSCF0583DSCF0584DSCF0587DSCF0589DSCF0592DSCF0593DSCF0596DSCF0597DSCF0603 (1)DSCF0603DSCF0604DSCF0610DSCF0626 (1)DSCF0631DSCF0638DSCF0639DSCF0642DSCF0650DSCF0659DSCF0663DSCF0668DSCF0672DSCF0684DSCF0691DSCF0698DSCF0702DSCF0706DSCF0707DSCF0708DSCF0726DSCF0727DSCF0736DSCF0745DSCF0747DSCF0752DSCF0753DSCF0757DSCF0758DSCF0762DSCF0765DSCF0766DSCF0767DSCF0770DSCF0777 (1)DSCF0777DSCF0778DSCF0779DSCF0781DSCF0782DSCF0790DSCF0791DSCF0795DSCF0796DSCF0804DSCF0808DSCF0817DSCF0822DSCF0823DSCF0826

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