Jiangxi Lingshan Mountains – The Death of a Spider

Traveling in China gives an interesting perspective on what tourism is to the Chinese mindset. Of course there are different types of tourists, too many categories to count, well only one that really counts, the selfie tourists. The Chinese Government have heavily invested in their domestic tourism markets. Every major mountain, national park, or nature preserve has built the most accommodating infrastructure to see the beautiful view, take pictures, and the ability to be in nature without any of the hardships (such as getting your shoes dirty or walking on an uneven dirt path, essentially it is accessible for men in suits and women in high heels). I have been to a few places in China and it was never more apparent of tourism infrastructure then Jiangxi Lingshan Mountain (江西 灵山, Jiangxi LingShan). There is a more famous mountain called Lingshan outside of Beijing but that is totally different. There are no Buddha’s here, only very large rocks that somewhat look like animals depending on your imagination. The mountain was interesting to say the least. It recently installed a gondola, which it was to my satisfaction, the hike looked hot and boring. When we reached the top I realized there was no mountain path but a literal extension of the mountain. An entirely new path was built around the circumference of the mountain. The cement support beams were drilled into the mountain for the newly built mountain path. Without the path it would be impossible to navigate the circumference of the mountain due to the fact there is no dirt or any type of path only shear rock. It was a giant circle path with four restroom locations and some small vendors selling over priced goods and comfortably walking at a normal pace took 3-4 hours (pictures and selfies included). Also hilarious signs that told tourists to behave because it betters civilization and reflects your character  With the nice grooved path and decent views, I began to wonder why they didn’t install a moving walkway.

The death of a Spider

They had an award ceremony for our class trip. For some reason they wanted to congratulate us on visiting the mountain that just recently built an entirely new path around the circumference. I believe the purpose was to generate publicity to get more tourists to a new destination. When the ceremony ended one of the men in charge had a small spider on him, a person warned him and brushed off the spider. When the spider hit the ground and started to crawl away the man squashed the spider with his foot. It was quite sad they were opening a nature park and killed the last vestige of animal life.


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